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/fast-forward seconds
Forward the player by the specified amount of seconds.
View useful information.
Connect me to your voice channel.
Disconnect me from your voice channel.
Toggle track loop.
Pause the audio playback.
/play what
Play a track or add it to the queue.
/queue clear
Remove all tracks from the queue.
/queue list
View information about the queued tracks.
/queue remove index
Remove a specific track from the queue.
/queue shuffle
Randomize the order of tracks in queue.
Resume the audio playback.
/rewind seconds
Rewind the player by the specified amount of seconds.
/skip to
Skip to the next track or to the specified track index.
End the audio playback and clear the queue.
View information about the current track.
/user rank
View your rank card.
/user settings
View and modify your settings.
/volume get
View the volume.
/volume set value
Modify the volume.